Social Bookmarking – Pinterest

Ok, so I am still working on the second week and will soon get to the topic for the third week but in the meantime — Pinterest.

Thanks to one of my fellow co-workers, I received an invite to Pinterest. It would be interesting to know how long it takes to get an invite if someone doesn’t send it to you.

Although I haven’t spent a ton of time looking at other people’s boards, I think this is actually a bookmarking site that I would take the time to use and keep up. I started with a board called “Favorite Places & Spaces” but only because I didn’t really know where else to start. Since then, I have created a board on bulletin boards because I was searching for fresh, new ideas since parents will be visiting the school tomorrow night and I haven’t updated mine since before Christmas. ┬áSince I am frequently searching for ideas, Pinterest provided the perfect forum to capture a thumbnail image for future use. In the past, I have copied the image into PowerPoint and saved it there. Of course, I frequently forgot to copy in the URL so I had no idea where the idea came from.

This week while talking to a different co-worker, she mentioned that she saw all the buzz about Pinterest but didn’t really understand why someone would use it. I found myself trying to convince her how wonderful it is and all the uses for it (planning a vacation, redecorating a room, recipes, etc…).

I can see many uses for Pinterest in the classroom but it is currently blocked in my district. I would love to have students create a board for their biography projects with pictures of the person, where they lived, objects that are attributed to them, and so much more. Or an animal board with pictures of the habitat, prey, food they eat, where they live, etc.. Plus, since Pinterest is so easy to use, students would be able to complete it in a class or two which would be a huge bonus!

Until the next new thing comes along, Pinterest will definitely be something I will use in the future.

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Social Bookmarking – Evernote

I understand social bookmarking and agree that it can be quite useful but I have never been able to get into it. I currently have accounts with Delicious, Diigo, LiveBinders and now Evernote. But other than using bookmarking sites the day I first created an account, I have never gone back to them. I don’t know why because I am frequently doing a search on Google looking for something that I found months ago but forgot to add it to my favorites.

Evernote was easy to create an account and I especially liked that there was a clipper available for Google Chrome, which is often overlooked. I have even downloaded the app for the iPad. I am not really a list maker and I think that is the part of Evernote that is the most appealing to me. I can see how it would be useful to clip pictures of bulletin boards or greeting cards that I would like to use in the future.

I consider myself to be an internet lurker — I tend to read a lot but very rarely post or add to the discussion. I find that I do this on Facebook and the different blogs that I frequently read. I find the social aspect to be “worrisome” (not sure that is the right word). Not sure why. Maybe it is from bad experiences or shyness. This is definitely something I will need to work on in the future.

I’ll have to wait and see if I actually stick with Evernote or neglect it as I have the others. In case you are interested, here is the “to-do” list I created on Evernote: