Blogging attempt two

While in grad school, I had to maintain a blog for a semester talking about clickers and Second Life. Once the class was over, I never wrote another post. My hope is that this time it will stick and I can pass on what I learn to my students and other interested people.

Setting up the blog was pretty painless although I had a difficult time choosing the blog address. In one sense, I believe the Internet is trending toward the use of real names but on the other hand, I want to maintain my privacy. So, I used my initials along with part of my last name in the address and gave the blog a totally different name. Not sure if I will keep it the way it is but for now and the purpose of the class it will stay as is.

I follow many blogs about different topics: silly, creative, books, serious, sports, and many others. I don’t read them as much as I would like but I find them useful. Hopefully someone in this world will see my blog and find something useful too someday.


Expanding my world through blogging

My name is Debbie and I am currently in my 3rd year as a librarian at a K-6 school in upstate New York. Just in case anyone is thinking, wow, cool she lives in New York City, it takes over 4 hours to get to NYC from where I live. Upstate NY is snowy, mountainous, and far different from the city everyone thinks of when they hear NY.

I grew up in Lemont, PA a mile from the home of Penn State University where I would eventually go to college. Thanks to my first college roommate during my freshman year, I got my first job in the math library. I continued to work there my entire time at PSU and somewhere in Pattee Library there is a book honoring my 1000 hours of service. Over the 3+ years that I worked there, I learned many different aspects of librarianship but never seriously considered it as a career option.

I have moved many times since I graduated from PSU and have earned a MPA from South Alabama University and a MLIS from Syracuse University. I have lived in California, Mississippi, Alabama, Japan, Hawaii, New Jersey, and New York since getting married in 1989. I would move back to Japan if I ever get the opportunity and I loved my entire time there.

As well as a librarian, I am a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. I enjoy making my own cards to give to friends and family on special¬†occasions. To get inspiration, I follow many blogs but my favorites are:

Jill’s Card Creations

Chic’ n Scratch

Some of my other favorites blogs include:

Cake Wrecks

Free Technology for Teachers

iLearn Technology


I look forward to learning all about the tools this class is offering and my goal is to keep this blog going once the class is finished.