Thing 27: DIY — FlipSnack Edu

I decided to learn how to use FlipSnack Edu for my DIY because I just discovered it was free for a year with my renewal to AASL. FlipSnack can be used by students to showcase their new learning or it can be used by a teacher to provide a more interactive and motivational way for students to engage with new content.

FlipSnack Edu has many features that make it desirable to use in a classroom setting. First and most importantly, it is compatible with all devices without needing to download an app which is especially important for those of us that do not have control over what is added to the iPads. A second feature that is extremely helpful is the evaluation system to use with student created projects. In an educational system that is pushing rubrics for everything, it is nice to have a way to quickly create a rubric for a technology project that is relevant and easy for students to interpret. Another plus is that FlipSnack is relatively easy to use with a low learning curve. It was pretty intuitive on how to make changes and add in different objects. Lastly, with a premium account, you can download your FlipSnack to have permanently in another location along with the ability to share on social media websites or embed on a website.

There are some negatives however with the first being the relatively high cost for a classroom account. I would have a difficult time justifying the cost given that there are apps that provide a similar product for the fraction of the cost. Secondly, although it is easy to use, I found that it was extremely basic without a lot of extras to make it look good. Now this may just be user error, but I couldn’t figure out how to change the background of the page so that it wasn’t just plain white. The tutorials were extremely basic and not really helpful. Is this a deal breaker? No, but for the price, I would expect more frills.

Since I have a free classroom account for the next year, I will take advantage of using it with a class next school year but I’m not sure I will renew it when my account expires.

Below is a very basic FlipSnack I created in about an hour showcasing my son’s recent competition at the Science Olympiad National Tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska. For some reason, it is not embedding correctly but the link does take you to the FlipSnack I created.


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