Thing 25: Power up your browser

Digging deeper into Google Chrome and how to make it even better.


To be honest, I am very familiar with the settings in Google Chrome which is my choice for browsing the Internet. About the only setting that I didn’t remember reviewing was the content settings under privacy. After looking at everything, I left the settings where they were which was on the recommended setting. Recently, Chrome added a user profile tab to the top of the browser page. I did not realize that there was a setting that would allow anyone using my computer to create their own profile so I have disabled this function although really no one else uses my computers so the point is moot.

It’s a whole different story when it comes to apps and extensions for Chrome. Who knew there were so many useful extensions to add. Up to this point, I had 4 bookmarklets: Pinterest, Evernote Web Clipper, AdBlock Plus, and Japanese Word of the Day. I use the Pinterest one frequently and it is definitely the easiest way to add something to Pinterest when I am on my computer. I would highly recommend everyone add something like the AdBlock, especially if you like to click on ad heavy links posted by friends and celebrities on Facebook.

After checking out a few, I added Readability and Buffer to my bookmarklets. I chose Readability because this is a function that I love using on the iPad and I didn’t realize that there was anything available for a PC that would provide this same service. AdBlock is great at stopping ads but it does not make crowded websites look less cluttered. I also like the ability to save articles to go back and read later. I think I found my new favorite extension.

As a cautious user of Social Media, I like that Buffer provides a seamless way to share on multiple platforms. Even as I add new followers on Twitter despite my sparse tweets, I find it hard to believe that people are interested in what I have to say. Buffer provides me a way to share things that I find interesting and I only have to share it once. Now I just need to find something to share and take the plunge over the social media cliff.

For those of you who are not using Chrome as your browser, check out this video on why you should be using it (or at least consider switching to it).

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