Thing 22: Create a Resource Guide

I have a page on my school website that has links for teachers related to different topics and last updated it in the summer. I really like the idea of using Pinterest to create a guide that is continuously updated with new content and ideas. My main concern with using Pinterest would be organizing it so teacher’s could find what they are looking for with relatively little effort on their part. I will post more on this after I have created my board. But first, I am going to try it with!.!

So the first thing I did was sign up using my Twitter account. Other options included Facebook and email (although this was in a smaller font in a difficult to see gray color and clearly what they didn’t want you to use). Also, the free version seems to be quite limited and might not serve the purposes that I would like. For the last hour or so, I have been cruising the web looking for resources and then posting them to my “Websites Useful to Teachers” page on!. I added the bookmarklet to make it easier to grab content although it did not work with one of the pages. Otherwise, it made it easy to grab websites and add them to my page.

When I first created the page, it provided suggestions for websites based on the tags that I had provided. One downside to doing this instead of finding my own pages was that I didn’t really know what I was adding beyond the headline. Part of what I really liked about! was the ability to add my insight on why I chose this website; I couldn’t do that initially with the websites I rescooped although you do have the ability to go back and edit.

Positives: ability to add insight, directly posts to Twitter and other social media websites that you choose (up to 2 with the free account), easy to learn and use, most recent scoops at the top, ability to follow other boards

Negatives: costly ($11/mo.), unorganized, limited with free version


I have used Pinterest for different education related curating and this summer even created a Three Billy Goats Gruff board and others to share with my Kindergarten teachers related to the nursery rhyme module, but it was extremely time consuming and I only got two of the nursery rhymes done. I think I would be more successful creating a board that is on a specific topic with the understanding that I will add a few websites every week not all at once. Eventually, this would be a great resource that could be used by my teachers and if I were ever to move to a new school, I could take it with me (unlike my current website). So that is what I did — I created an Elementary Art Websites board to share with my Art teacher. My only concern with using Pinterest at home is that some of the websites might be blocked once I get to school.

Positives: Free, easy to use and sign up, bookmarklet makes grabbing content easy, can be shared in multiple ways

Negatives: organization, it uploads to my Facebook unless I remember to uncheck the box

Bottom Line: I prefer Pinterest mostly because it is free. If the newsletter option on! were part of the free version, then it might have won over Pinterest. I will continue to add to my art board and try to create a new board for each of the categories on my website. I will share the link with my teachers and will periodically make an effort to remind my teachers that I have gathered these resources.


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