Thing 20: Pathfinders & Website Creation Tools

Too Many Tools

I have used or explored many different website creation tools listed and found Google Sites and Weebly to be quite friendly. I even created an online portfolio for grad school using Google Sites. Since we have Google Apps at school, I would probably use this resource if I had students create a website. I have explored Symbaloo and LibGuides but didn’t find Symbaloo appealing and LibGuides is too expensive. I tried a Wiki with a class several years ago but the students didn’t use it and it quickly fizzled out. 

OPALS Pathfinder

I have a website that I am able to update and change as needed. I use it to link to important information and have pages devoted to classroom projects. Recently, I learned that our OPAC supports pathfinders and I was intrigued by this idea. Instead of housing the projects on my website, I can have the pathfinders directly linked to my catalog where students can find both print and online resources in one place. This assignment gave me the perfect opportunity to recreate one of the projects from my 6th grade projects as a pathfinder. It was simple and quick to create and the only thing that I didn’t like was that it was limited to 50 resources — whereas, my website has no such limitation. So, I don’t think I will completely transfer over to using this method, especially if the project uses a lot of resources, but I will use it for my simpler projects like extreme weather research.



FLS Monster Research Pathfinder

Another Alternative

Another website that could be used for creating Pathfinders is S.O.S. for Information Literacy. You can create a lesson plan that has a BuILder which resembles a cross between and website, pathfinder, and webquest –it’s all in how you use it. It is peer reviewed and approved so it can take some time for it to be approved but it is an alternative.

I feel comfortable using all of these tools and suggest you try them out and figure out which one works the best for you. They each have their own positives and negatives and what suits me, might not suit you.



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