Thing 13: Media Skills – Collages, Quotes, and More

I have used photo collages for various projects at school — most recently for students to use to draw inferences based on what they see in the photos. I love to use Fotor because it is simple to use, free, and saves as a picture onto my computer. Below is a photo collage I made using pictures from the Library Congress Prints & Photo collection, specifically from the National Child Labor Committee Collection. It took me only a few minutes to find the pictures I wanted and I used the URL to insert the picture directly into the collage.

Child Labor


I decided to give Pixlr a try and also found it simple to use but also a lot more options — almost too many. I took a picture owned by me and first cropped out everyone but myself. I then added various effects, a sticker, a border, and an overlay. The end result is almost unrecognizable which is what I was trying to achieve.

My family transformed


My students love taking pictures of themselves and would enjoy using these programs to transform their images. I have a 4th grade teacher that used PicCollage as an enrichment project for her top students. The students typed their research and added related images in the background. What I loved about the project was that the students weren’t limited by the number of different collages they could make.

One complaint about both of these programs is that I was unable to get them to work properly in Google Chrome. Since this is the browser that I prefer, I found it frustrating that I couldn’t use it. I also used Quozio and loved how easy it was to create a beautiful picture of a quote. The downside: the picture couldn’t be saved and you needed to create an account to use the picture. It would have been great if the website provided a way to include HTML code for use on a website or blog.

My 6th grade students will be using BiteSlide to create online posters of their research information. Of course, this is only after they type a summary of their information, as required by the classroom teacher. This is their motivation to get finished so that they can have some fun and add a personal touch to their research. I found BiteSlide’s interface to be similar to Glogster but it is free to use and up to 30 students can be added to each account.


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