Thing 14: Book Reviews

I have a lifetime membership to LibraryThing but haven’t used it since I started my job over four years ago. I liked that you could keep a running list of books owned and/or read. One of my favorites parts of the website was receiving ARC of books and posting reviews. The problem was that once I started my job, I had very little time to read and fell behind in my reviews. Eventually I stopped requesting ARCs and haven’t gone back to the website.

I also have an account on Goodreads but don’t really use it. I have added books, rated the books I’ve read, and added books I’d like to read. But that is about it. On the Internet, I am much more of a lurker than an active participant. As much as I’ve tried to change this and grow, it is something I have to actively force myself to do whether I like it or not.

One avenue for book reviews that I would like to explore with my students is adding student reviews to our OPAC. My district uses Opals and there is a way for students to add their own reviews. Earlier in the year, I had students write short book reviews using a Google Form from my website. But I haven’t done anything with the reviews partially due to the fact that many of them are poorly written. In order to have students post reviews to the OPAC directly, I would have to moderate for spelling or have students hand write them before they can type them into the program. I do want the student reviews in the OPAC because I want students to start taking ownership of the library and I think this is a great way to start. I think tomorrow I will pull out those reviews and find the ones that don’t require a lot of editing and put them up on the OPAC. Next time, I’ll figure out how to have the students do this right on the OPAC.


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