A Hidden Gem – LitPick

During a slow day of classes at school and while browsing the Internet looking for new ideas, I stumbled across AASL’s Best Websites for Teaching and Learning. After looking through the various resources, I found LitPick to be one of the more interesting websites listed because it offered free ebooks to young adults and a place for young adults to write reviews and connect with other readers. The mission of LitPick is “to help preteens and teens develop a lifelong love of reading by empowering young readers to share their opinions in a social community (LitPick: About Us: Our Mission).”

LitPick is free for young adults and has  a quick sign up process. Teachers can also sign up whole groups of students. Once signed in students can begin to read ebooks. After reading the books, students are expected to add their review of the book to the website. For those who don’t have access to the Internet, there is a pay option to receive print copies of books. After looking through the list of books, I was quite surprised to see the newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid was one of the books available for students.

Adults can also become members and are eligible to apply for book giveaways but cannot access the free ebooks. Adults cannot post reviews directly to the website but their is a place to post them on the forums where students could see them.

I loved the idea of the website that I signed up right away and even applied for a few of the book giveaways. Three days later, I had received my first free book. Although I haven’t finished reading this book yet, I plan to add my reviews to this blog and link back to LitPicks so other people can find it.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly recommend you do so right away.


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