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I understand social bookmarking and agree that it can be quite useful but I have never been able to get into it. I currently have accounts with Delicious, Diigo, LiveBinders and now Evernote. But other than using bookmarking sites the day I first created an account, I have never gone back to them. I don’t know why because I am frequently doing a search on Google looking for something that I found months ago but forgot to add it to my favorites.

Evernote was easy to create an account and I especially liked that there was a clipper available for Google Chrome, which is often overlooked. I have even downloaded the app for the iPad. I am not really a list maker and I think that is the part of Evernote that is the most appealing to me. I can see how it would be useful to clip pictures of bulletin boards or greeting cards that I would like to use in the future.

I consider myself to be an internet lurker — I tend to read a lot but very rarely post or add to the discussion. I find that I do this on Facebook and the different blogs that I frequently read. I find the social aspect to be “worrisome” (not sure that is the right word). Not sure why. Maybe it is from bad experiences or shyness. This is definitely something I will need to work on in the future.

I’ll have to wait and see if I actually stick with Evernote or neglect it as I have the others. In case you are interested, here is the “to-do” list I created on Evernote:



8 thoughts on “Social Bookmarking – Evernote”

  1. Hi, I understand completely what you shared about having various social media accounts of seldom use. It’s not always easy to incorporate something into our regular workflow, even when the tool may ease or enhance our tasks. And it’s fine, they are always there when we need them. Occasionally with a new tool that I like but feel I may set-up and let lapse, I will sort of compel myself to make 1-3 uses of it per week, for a few initial weeks–one post, three bookmarks, two or three tweets, whatever the case might be–as a way of “breaking it in” and getting comfortable enough that I can more easily go back and use whenever needed.

    I’m glad you found Evernote easy to use, I find that to be the case. And I too appreciate Chrome support, which i am seeing more of. In terms of Facebook and being more visibly active, I find myself using it far less lately, the more articles and reports I see about some of their stealth practices of following users all over the web, via embedded cookies. I was using FB mostly as a professional information and learning network, but I find I am using twitter more for that these days. In terms of risk and the “social” aspect, I think it is fine if you are more comfortable using them in whatever ways make sense for you. It is a personal choice, and sometimes can be a case-by-case basis, depending on the tool or site.

    Thanks for your post, and for sharing your “to do” list! — and now you can go ahead and “check off” the last item! 🙂

    1. I will try your idea of using the tool each day to try to put it permanently into my toolbox. Now, if only I was home more often, I could use this advice.

  2. I found I didn’t use bookmarking until I put the clipper in my browser. Now, when I am creating a pathfinder for a teacher, I clip it and add some tags. I have found it a huge time saver when I have had to come back to a project or look for similar material for other teachers.

    I admit to being a lurker too.One of the best things I have found with bookmarking is the ability to find other people’s work – such a time saver.

    1. I have the clipper added to my browser and like how you are using it. This would be helpful and an easy way to create a simple tool for teachers and students to use in their research — especially when I don’t want them to use Google.

      Agree that other’s bookmarks are useful and maybe that plays into why I don’t do it — there are so many others doing it for me that maybe I don’t have to do it myself.

  3. Barbara here. I can totally relate to the start-it-neglect-it syndrome. I think that’s easy to do in this age when there are so many interesting tools available! I keep getting emails from various sites that I signed up for and totally forgot about. I wonder if there are cases in which someone who was not a list maker (and was, instead, a write-notes-on-the-back-of-a-receipt type, for example. Who might that be?) was transformed into a list maker because of an online tool that supposedly makes it easier? Or, if you’re a file-things-in-a-big-stack-on-the-floor person to begin with, are you doomed to remain so despite all those fabulous electronic assistants at your disposal? So far, I remain certain that I will remember this or that article and then hunt through cyberspace to find it when I need it again. If we look on the bright side… when we do all that hunting for that great article that was somewhere out there, we usually find a bunch of other cool stuff along the way! One thing I have found immensely helpful is using iGoogle and Google Reader to bring together blogs and RSS feeds from sites I love. That, indeed, has changed my life

    Hope the tux is ready to go!

    1. I really like your analogy of the piles versus the list maker. My file system consists of putting the papers into my desk drawer and then leaving them there until there isn’t any more room. Maybe I should add filing to my to do list!!! 🙂

  4. I share the same feelings about using these bookmarking sites….setting them up and then letting them be stagnant. I am going to try Evernote just to see if it might be different and more helpful for me.
    I also am more of a watcher and reader and less of a poster and commenter. I think that has a lot to do with our comfort level in putting ourselves out there….some are more hesitant than others because we might have heard horror stories or just know the potential for something negative to happen.
    Like Barbara I also search the Internet for something and find lots of other interesting stuff as I go. Many times I never actually make it to the article I was initially searching for.

    1. Glad to know that I am not the only one. I liked Evernote but am not sure how much I will use it in the future. Now Pinterest…that is a whole other story.

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